Padmasri townships

Real estate company

About the company

Under the leadership of Managing Director Sri P. S. Rao Ex-IAF ,MA, MBA, PGDBM, LLB. Padmasri Townships Pvt Ltd was established on 1 July 2005. Proving themselves Within a short span of time, with 42 ventures completed in the Telangana & Andhra Pradesh with branches in both states. With multiple High level Appartment projects at Hyderabad – Guntur. Our esteemed customers / the great efforts of the marketing & managerial staff are key to our success.

Our offering unlocks new possibilities for our clients in developing their assets & wealth.
Every one of our team is motivated by a constant dedication to consumers and a philosophy of purposeful interaction and openness, such as how our visionary founder envisioned it to be on day one. We also specialize in challenging industry conventions, and rethinking how the best results are achieved.

Our dream is driven by every single individual’s relentless push. We are united by one single purpose: to bring together the scope, know-how and determination to transform our clients investments.

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